Benchmark for successful Debt CollectionWe know: What matters is to communicate with the Debtor

The usual approach when faced with slow payment or non-payment is factoring, which means that the receivables are simply sold. However, this procedure always means that a significant portion of the receivable has to be given up.

Our strategy in receivables management is to communicate with the debtor to achieve an out-of-court settlement. Psychology plays a crucial role here. This is why our staff have been specifically trained in how to approach non-payers. 

In addition to communicating with your debtor our highly qualified team will actively support you in the digitization of your processes and process chains.  As a response we have developed our own collection software, which allows meticulous, fully paperless monitoring. A high-security customer log-in provides a real-time overview of all funds owed to you. The track-and-trace-function can be extended by programming a specific interface for your own data processing.

We support the digitization of your processes and process chains in an active, dedicated way which allows us to work faster, more efficient and most importantly with more data security – ensuring the highest level of privacy. A strong point, which simply cannot be overrated in the field of debt collection.

To increase the value added, we offer you a number of complementary services around the actual debt collection itself.

With our

  • Ongoing staff training  
  • Empathic method when approaching a debtor
  • Numerous efficient services and  
  • Highly developed IT landscape

we are able to recover your receivables with a much higher success rate than our competitors.


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