Benchmark for successful Debt CollectionWe know: What matters is to communicate with the Debtor

We process your claim in trust. This means that you don't have to forego a significant part of your claim, as is the case with factoring! In our debt collection services, we focus on communicating with the debtor in order to settle the claim out of court. Our employees act as neutral mediators between creditor and debtor, not as a demanding authority. Because, in the end, everyone who does not pay has a reason. 

The person on the phone or at the door will be analysed from the very first second and supported as appropriate. Even during the first contact, the course of action is determined. It is always individually customised to the specific debtor. Psychology plays a decisive role in this. This concept can never be copied, because it stands and falls with the quality of the team. That is the reason why we constantly train our staff to refine their skills.

In addition to communicating with your debtor our highly qualified team will actively support you in the digitization of your processes and process chains. As a response we have developed our own collection software, which allows meticulous, fully paperless monitoring.


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Contact for Creditors and Prospects

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