Debt Collection in itselfWe offer you the entire range of debt collection – and so much more

Inkasso Goldbach is fully commited to collecting funds owed to you on a trustee basis. When faced with tasks like factoring, disclosure of credit history or when legal disputes are imminent, we rely on an extensive network of partnering enterprises

To increase the value added, we offer you a number of complementary services around the actual debt collection itself. These services are seen as support and guidance for you and will have been commissioned by yourself – individually tailored to meet the needs of your business sector.  

  • Classic Services

    • Commercial Dunning

      If you wish, we can take over your complete dunning process.  Once you have invoiced the amount due, we will monitor incoming payments and on default of payment, will remind payers to settle outstanding amounts.   

      With our ability to quickly establish interface connections to your software, we can remind your debtors of overdue amounts in an efficient way.   

    • Telephone Collection

      This is the immediate and easiest means at first instance. As a customer of Inkasso Goldbach GmbH you will benefit from our professionally trained staff, who guarantee a high success rate through strong and committed personal involvement.  To achieve a rapid return of money owed, we will contact your debtor immediately - always bearing in mind that a valuable customer relationship might be at stake. Our priority here is to keep this relationship unharmed.

    • Debtor Tracing

      If the whereabouts of the debtor are unknown, our highly trained staff will find out where the person in question currently resides. In this process we consult and cooperate with partnering organisations. At the same time, the debtor‘s creditworthiness is checked internally.

    • Personal Visits

      If receivables are above a certain level – or upon special request – our highly trained staff seek a face-to-face conversation with the person/company owing the funds.  

    • Judicial Dunning/Enforcement Proceedings

      Additional services for you: Implementation of the judicial order for payment procedure as well as enforcement proceedings based on the Legal Services Act, which has entered into force on 1 July 2008.

  • Additional Services

    • Purchase of Receivables

      When faced with tasks in the field of factoring we rely on economically self-sufficient partners from our business environment and can therefore offer you full service in this specialized area of receivables management.

    • Vehicle Retrieval and their recovery

      We are also pleased to secure vehicles for you nationwide. In addition, we will of course also support you in the recover of your vehicles. Our cooperation network also enables us to recover and recycle vehicles in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland.

    • Meter readings

      Reading meters and granting traceability by keeping full documentation are important components when viewing customer satisfaction in the power industry.

      Via the customer’s SAP ISU system we access their customer master data and all other necessary numbers, which allows us to work independently.With our sophisticated interface technology we can even programme a separate interface to process customer data further, which we then feed back into SAP ISU.


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