Fairness is our Formula for SuccessWe trust in the Human Method

Anyone who wants to be successful in their debt collection management can simply not ignore the human factor, which is why our employees are permanently trained in what they do. They are aware that they can achieve a lot more with fairness and understanding - what’s more the relationship to your customer will remain unharmed.

Our staff act as neutral intermediaries arbitrating between creditor and debtor and not as a demanding entity. At the end of the day, all late payers or non-payers have a reason why they don’t pay. The person on the phone or at their doorstep is carefully analysed from the very beginning and will be attended accordingly.  When we make our first contact, the method in how to proceed is already laid down. The approach implemented, however, is always tailored to that specific person and circumstance.   

It goes without saying that the success of this unique concept cannot be copied as it crucially depends on the quality of the team.  Hence our staff undergo regular training sessions to keep honing and finetuning their skills.

Gentle and empathic debt collection? Yes, it really works!


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