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Excellently trained employees are crucial for the success of our operations. We are convinced that it’s the human factor that tips the scales.

In our Training Centre at Inkasso Goldbach our staff are specifically trained to prepare them for their various tasks. We have a comprehensive range of seminars and training courses where e.g. psychologists and rhetoric specialists share insights and knowledge with our workforce. In most cases attendees will undergo an internal certification process that is in accordance with the BDIU. In addition, members of our own team will regularly share contents and behaviour patterns witnessed in their day-to-day routine which are mutually checked for compliance. Newly recruited staff will have a buddy person, who introduces them to the ins and outs of our work method. 

This is how we develop our staff to help them become experts. They are negotiators, project managers and administrative assistants in one person. Many of them have been with us for a good number of years. 

Beside the mere technical aspect, our employees are required to follow the Code of Conduct laid down by Inkasso Goldbach. This includes important topics like protection of intellectual property or how to handle confidential information. Internal control measures are in place, particularly with respect to our IT structure. To ensure traceability of our activities we keep all business transactions, assets and accounts payable on record in accordance with statutory requirements.   


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