Energy Suppliers

The day-to-day business in the power industry has seen tremendous change within the last few years. Today a customer can change their power supplier with very little effort, which also affects debt collection. A lacking complaint management will be enough to upset the customer and result in substantial damage to the reputation of the power supplier. In this case entering a dialogue with your defaulting customer is key. 

  • First and foremost, we make sure that a professional complaint management is in place – a key aspect in the energy sector.
  • Additionally, we take care of the entire collection process ranging from a mere phone call up to enforcement proceedings to push the claim.
  • We gain immediate access to the client master data of the energy supplier by accessing their SAP ISU system, which means that we can act independently without having to involve personnel on site.
  • We offer many more additional services going from the collection service itself to making the last call, investigating an address, running a probate research, reading meters and checking up on empty dwellings.


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