Know-how ensures Liquidity Our wide-ranging expertise is beneficial for large corporations and corporate groups

Inkasso Goldbach collects debts across Germany for large corporations and group customers on a trustee basis. In addition to medical clearing offices and clients from other fields we mainly deal with financial institutions and energy providers.  What we can offer you is the entire range of debt collection.

However, our approach is different. We talk. We maintain a dialogue with the debtor. Our overarching goal is to collect the claim in an out-of-court manner.  

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Online payment - settle the outstanding debt quickly and securely with just a few clicks!

Energy Providers: We are driven by your Values

Complaint management, meter readings – you name it: There is a lot more we can offer in our receivables management for the power industry than mere debt collection. 

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Financial Institutions: The Key to your Values

Find out, why we are so much more efficient in recovering receivables than our competitors in the debt collection business.

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